Why landscaping? 

Landscaping is important for businesses as it can attract customers, boost employee morale, improve air and water quality, enhance property value, and provide numerous environmental benefits. A well-designed and maintained landscape can help businesses create a positive and inviting image and can lead to long-term benefits.

why choose us? 

We offer excellent service, expertise, creativity, sustainability, and building a reputation for delivering high-quality results, a landscaping company can become known as the best in the industry.

Client Testimonials

Building a new home is overwhelming and sometimes the landscaping is the last thing we think about. I really appreciated the expertise of Maloney and their recommendations after hearing what I was looking for. I was so happy I did the install of the rock edging and the steel edging vs pavers and my sod looks amazing!!!! I cannot thank Maloney Landscaping enough for the amazing service provided. I got exactly what I wanted at the price we discussed. Highly recommend this team!!

Melanie Sue

Maloney Landscaping is undoubtedly the company to call with any of your snow, lawn, & landscaping needs. Michael & his crew are dedicated to great service and customer satisfaction. They take great pride in their work & will not rest until the end result is to your liking. Highly recommend!

Morgan Gotto

Maloney and his team have been amazing this year making sure to stop back to fertilize and treat our yard. It looks better than it ever has and I’ve never needed to call and remind them to stop back. I’d recommend Maloney for all yard treatments and landscaping!

Derick Rogers